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Quality System

The brand values and professional ethics of Pelangi Publishing Group Bhd adhere closely to its motto "Quality Books for Quality Education". 

Pelangi Publishing Group strives to achieve International Standards in the provision of Design, Publication, Printing, Warehousing, and Distribution of Books and Educational Content.


We are committed towards the continual improvement of publishing and printing Quality Books and Educational Content and creating a good Customer Experience by fully complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The Group has outsourced the internal audit function to an independent service provider reporting directly to the Audit Committee. The engagement director is a Certificated Internal Auditor accredited by the Institute of Internal Auditors Global and a professional member of the Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia. The Group's Internal Audit performs its functions with impartiality, proficiency, and due professional care. It undertakes regular monitoring of the Group's key controls and procedures, which is an integral part of the Group's system of internal control. 

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