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As one of the mainstream educational publishers in Malaysia, Pelangi continues championing its mission which is to create positive impact in Malaysia’s education landscape via collaborative efforts with authors, government & private organisations, professionals, institutions, NGOs and various communities nationwide besides publishing books. With almost a half century establishment here in Malaysia,  Pelangi has always extended its support in various CSR activities to continue helping those in need.

The company has also conducted numerous in-house training and engaged with external training houses to provide technical training, workshops, courses and seminars to equip employees with skills which are aligned to the Group’s objectives and direction. : Pelangi is an organisation that instil the love for education – therefore it strongly encourages and provide opportunities for staff to participate in CSR programmes that are established to support our National Education Agenda.

Each year, we donate thousands of books to various school libraries, community libraries and charitable organisations. Books are also given to the low-income families to promote reading among children who had less or no access to books.

We seek to make positive impact by promoting education and literacy, supporting our authors, and helping our local communities through innumerable local activities.


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