The brand values and professional ethics of Pelangi Publishing Group Bhd adhere closely to its motto

"Quality Books for Quality Education". The public perception of the company as a publisher that people can rely on for top quality educational products is the successful culmination of its commitment to helping to shape a brighter future for everyone through education.


Currently, over 2000 bookshops located in all 13 states of Malaysia distribute Pelangi's books.

Overseas, the company sells books over in 20 countries.

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To publish quality educational products

To inspire intellectual thinking through the publication of quality and innovative products

To cultivate healthy reading habits by creating public awareness on the importance of reading

To broaden the knowledge of society through translation of foreign publications into local languages

To nurture local authors to produce locally and internationally publications

To trade local Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) worldwide

To strive for excellent business conduct 


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Pelangi Publishing Group is committed to develop its people in the following aspects:

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Integrity, commitment

and teamwork

Quality, professionalism and futuristic

Positive, constructive and innovative