Corporate Social Responsibility

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To strike a balance between Pelangi’s corporate and social value, the company also takes part in community service actively. Each year, we donate thousands of books to various school libraries, community libraries and charitable organisations. Books are also given to the low-income families to promote reading among children who had less or no access to books.

We seek to make positive impact by promoting education and literacy, supporting our authors, and helping our local communities through innumerable local activities. The company has also conducted numerous in-house training and engaged with external training houses to provide technical training, workshops, courses and seminars to equip employees with skills which are aligned to the Group’s objectives and direction.

Pelangi recognises that our employee are our greatest asset and key to continued growth and success. As such, we are committed to providing careers and working environments in which our employee can achieve to their maximum potential.


For sponsorship enquiries, kindly email to

Sponsorship: Books donation for FISA MSU- Orang Asli Community (Tohor, Jelebu Negeri Sembilan)

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Sponsorship: Books donation for BRDB Rotary Children's Residence's Library.

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Sponsorship: Books donation to People Giving for Library of Hope #10 -Orang Asli Community Kampung Bertang, Bentong Pahang.

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Sponsorship: Books donation for Destiny C3 Church- Org Asli Community @ Sg Siput, Perak.

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Sponsorship: Books donation for Program Jom Membaca 10 minit- Sekolah Kebangsaan Setia Alam.

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Sponsorship: Books donation- Elite Camp for Yayasan Anak Yatim (University Malaya).

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Sponsorship: Books donation to Persatuan Sindrom Down Malaysia (PSDM) for World Down Syndrome Day.

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Sponsorship: Books donation for University Malaya- Care For All Program- Rumah Anak Yatim Al-Khairiah.

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Sponsorship: Kaki Volunteers Malaysia- Library for Orang Asli.

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Sponsorship: Books donation for KAMI's Project- Orang Asli Kids at Kg. Hanir, Cameron Highland.

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Sponsorship: Books donation for Hari Keluarga Taska Kemas Bunga Tanjung, Johor.

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Sponsorship: Books donation for People Giving- Box of Joy Charity Project.

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Sponsorship: Books donations for SJK (C) Sengkang's Library, Kulai Johor.

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Sponsorship: Books donation for Fun Corner at Ambassador Row Hotel Suites by Lanson Place.

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Sponsorship: Pulai Spring Resort's Merdeka and Malaysia Day Programme.

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Csr Projects

Pelangi Publishing Group is taking proactive steps in supporting green initiatives and environmental action as part of our CSR activities. This program will help us divert waste and do our part to reduce our impact on the local community.

Recycle for Charity

This is an opportunity for us to offset our carbon footprints, to be more involved in green activities as well as bettering the global environment. At the same time this tree planting program is a learning opportunity to get our employees involve in the environment and conservation of our natural resources. 




Out of every 100 people, only 4 or 5 actually give blood. And, One pint of blood from one donor can save up to three lives!


Combining a fun activity with an educational attraction, these companies with kid-friendly factory tours are great for kids of all ages

Experience in Publishing & Printing House

We strongly believe that a good education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and can create a better future for children and their families. That is why we promote education in each of the communities by facilitating sponsorship for students who otherwise would not have a chance to attend. 


change a life

Gotong-royong (work party) programmes within the neighbourhood are not only aimed at physical cleaning, but also strengthening ties among families and friends. This will enable us to live in a cleaner, healthier, peaceful and harmonious environment

Gotong Royong For Community