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Sponsorship of Pictorial Dictionaries (My Everyday Pictorial Dictionary & KSSR Buku Kosa Kata Ria Trio Language) for Forces of Love

The initiative is a joint Smart-Partnership between Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Sabah (JPNS or Sabah State Education Department) under the Sektor Pengurusan Sekolah. Under the FOL- Educare programme, all eligible children will receive a full set of school bag, uniforms, shoes, socks, tumbler, stationery, geometry set, raincoat and dictionary plus a goodies bag. Pelangi felt called to sponsorship of a total seven hundred copies (700) Pictorial Dictionaries and KSSR Buku for needy children of Interior Sabah under our Phase III distribution for the upcoming June 2023 event under our main program of Forces of Love Educare and English for Life Campaign.

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