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Tree Planting

New Growth
Designed Succulent Plant
Plant Watering
Growing Plants
Trowel and Soil
Herb Plants
Small Plant

This is an opportunity for us to offset our carbon footprints, to be more involved in green activities as well as bettering the global environment.


At the same time this tree planting program is a learning opportunity to get our employees involve in the environment and conservation of our natural resources.

Purpose and objectives:

1. Environmental CSR initiatives To create a greener world and take proactive steps in supporting green initiatives. 
2. Employee Engagement Fun employee engagement activity that has a real positive impact. Participants will get a fun day of teamwork and bonding in the great outdoors, while doing something awesome for the environment. 
3. Help address the deforestation To support the protection of the environment and sustainable use of the natural resources to meet local, regional and global needs, through strategic partnership.

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