The Board observes the Company Directors’ Code of Ethics established by the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

The Board also aims to establish a corporate culture which engenders ethical conduct that permeates throughout the company, through a set of Code of Conduct, to be adhered by all individuals employed by the Group.

The Code of Conduct is a guide to assist the Group’s Directors and all levels of employees in living up to the Group’s high ethical business standards, and provides guidance on the way employees should conduct themselves when dealing with other parties doing business with the Group. It also sets out and identifies the appropriate communication and feedback channels, which facilitate whistle-blowing.

A summary of the Code of Conduct is available on the corporate website.





The Board Charter has been adopted by the Board on 22 January 2014. Any subsequent amendments to the Board Charter must be approved by the Board.

The Board Charter will be reviewed periodically by the Board, in accordance with the needs of the Group and any new regulations that may have an impact on the discharge of the Board’s duties and responsibilities.